Free English Test Online: The TOEIC Test

Today I’m going to talk about my challenges finding good materials online to help me study for the TOEIC test. And for some of you you might not remember but we wrote a little bit about the TOEIC test before. Let me give you quick summarize a nation of it. Basically the TOEIC test is English tests that many companies make their employees take. Or many companies make their prospective employees take. It measures your English ability. You can get a score from 0 to 990 points. My company that I want to Internet once me to get 850 points. This is very difficult to do. So far I have 720 points. I need to improve that in three months by about hundred and 30 points. So almost every day I go online looking for different free TOEIC materials that I can use to help me improve my score. Sometimes I find some short free quizzes. Sometimes I find some good free exercises. And sometimes I find sample test. The one thing that I have not found very often is full-length online free TOEIC tests. But a lot of sample test I have say 30 or 40 questions but no full-length tests. The full-length tests 200 questions. 100 listening questions and 100 reading questions. What’s really important to practice with real full-length test before you take the real TOEIC test. There’s so me things that you have to worry about. You have to worry about how much time you have left in the test. You have to worry about your concentration and if you can continue concentrating for two hours. So I found a lot of different quizzes and questions I could not find any full-length tests. That was until last week. I found this website called Goodwin English.com. I found it is actually a little wrong. One of my roommates told me about it. It seems that the college that we go to has some kind of agreement with the website and all of our college students get access to it for free. I did not know this. And when I found the website I found a page that offered a full-length online free TOEIC test. While I was ecstatic to find this and I quickly bookmark. Then when I was bragging to my roommates about how I found this great resource online to of them looked at each other and start laughing. I asked them what they’re laughing about and they told me that they had known about the website for the least two years. They told me that any student who goes our college it’s free access to it. You just have to go to the school library and use one of the school computers. Then you can have access to 10 full-length TOEIC tests. I admit that I felt a little stupid. His whole time I was looking for free TOEIC materials online and I could just gone to the school library and gotten his many TOEIC resources and materials for free as I wanted. But nonetheless many of the readers of our blog do not go to our college and therefore cannot get all of the lessons and quizzes that are on Goodwin English.com. So for any of you that are like me and are studying for the TOEIC test I deftly recommend that you go over to their website and check out their free test. It’s very important for you to practice with full-length test and not only short quizzes. If you like the full-length test I recommend paying $29 to get access to all of Goodwin’s materials. It’s well worth it. All that was my story about how stupid I am. Next time before start looking for something on the Internet I think when asked by roommates if we get for free first.

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Arguing Angry


I have many classes where we must discuss various topics and subjects. It’s a very common feature of our college. One thing that I have noticed is that whenever I allow emotion into my arguments I almost always lose. If I become emotional and how I say something or how I argue something I almost always lose. But if I can take out my emotions, if I can stay call then my thinking in my reasoning skills are so much better. I can take the time to think about my opponent’s argument and how I should respond to it.

I’m talking about this because today we had a debate in my religious history class. There we were discussing the Crusades. A couple of the Muslim students were arguing one side and I was arguing another. I’ve never really been a fan of the Crusades or medieval history to be honest but for some reason I found myself getting emotional. Slowly my speaking voice got louder and my speaking got faster and before I knew it my heart was racing. Because of this I really did not put a lot of thought into my opinions and counterpoints and the soon as I said something I knew it was wrong. I think other people might’ve sensed that I was angry as well. It probably could just look at my face and see how red it was.

After the class I had already come down. When I think back about it I have no idea why are was angry. It’s very perplexing. Perhaps it had nothing to do with the argument or the topic and it was just part of something to happen to me are the in the day or something that I was thinking about unconsciously. But from now on I think that I’m going to always try stays calm as possible whenever talking about some controversial topics. Whether that be sports, politics, religion or any other current events.

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CAROLINA by Henry Timrod (1829-1867)

I The despot treads thy sacred sands, Thy pines give shelter to his bands, They sons stand by with idle hands, Carolina! He breathes at ease thy airs of balm, He scorns the lances of thy palm; Oh! who shall break thy craven calm, Carolina! Thy ancient fame is growing dim, A spot is on thy garment’s rim; Give to the winds thy battle hymn, Carolina! II Call on thy children of the hill, Wake swamp and river, coast and rill, Rouse all thy strength and all thy skill, Carolina! Cite wealth and science, trade and art, Touch with thy fire the cautious mart, And pour thee through the people’s heart, Carolina! Till even the coward spurns his fears, And all thy fields and fens and meres Shall bristle like thy palm with spears, Carolina! III Hold up the glories of thy dead; Say how thy elder children bled, And point to Eutaw;s battle-bed, Carolina! Tell how the patriot’s soul was tried, And what his dauntless breast defied; How Rutledge ruled and Laurens died, Carolina! Cry! till thy summons heard at last, Shall fall like Marion’s bugle-blast Re-echoed from the haunted Past, Carolina! IV I hear a murmur as of waves That grope their way through sunless caves, Like bodies struggling in their graves, Carolina! And now it deepens; slow and grand It swells, as, rolling to the land, An ocean broke upon thy strand, Carolina! Shout! let it reach the startled Huns! And roar with all thy festal guns! It is the answer of thy sons, Carolina! V They will not wait to hear thee call; From Sachem’s Head to Sumter’s wall Resounds the voice of hut and hall, Carolina! No! thou hast not a stain, they say, Or none save what the battle-day Shall wash in seas of blood away, Carolina! Thy skirts indeed the foe may part, Thy robe be pierced with sword and dart, They shall not touch thy noble heart, Carolina! VI Ere thou shalt own the tyrant’s thrall Ten times ten thousand men must fall; Thy corpse may hearken to his call, Carolina! When, by thy bier, in mournful throngs The women chant thy mortal wrongs, ‘T will be their own funereal songs, Carolina! From thy dead breast by ruffians trod No helpless child shall look to God; All shall be safe beneath thy sod, Carolina! VII Girt with such wills to do and bear, Assured in right, and mailed in prayer, Thou wilt not bow thee to despair, Carolina! Throw thy bold banner to the breeze! Front with thy ranks the threatening seas Like thine own proud armorial trees, Carolina! Fling down thy gauntlet to the Huns, And roar the challenge from thy guns; Then leave the future to thy sons, Carolina!

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The Oculus Rift


The Oculus R.ift is a virtual reality headset. I am a very avid tea gamer and I love all video games. But I remember when I was young that they used to be a lot of hype around virtual reality. There’s lots of TV shows and movies about it. And the problem was that the technology never match the hype. So after a few years every kind of forgot about virtual reality. Then about five or six years ago I started hearing about this new gadget. Basically it’s like a headset or a pair of goggles that you put over your eyes and you can see everything that is in the videogame. So if you look to your right in the videogame you will look to your right if you look to your left you will see everything that’s left of you in the videogame. The technology is not that great basically it’s like having two iPhones strapped to pair glasses that your working, then they use 3-D shifting to make it look 3-D. But very often doesn’t take new technology to make something better just takes a different approach now this gadget is being sold around the world for the first time and we are getting some interesting reviews on it. Below is a link to a tech news website that has a great review about it. Check it out.



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In Flanders Fields


In Flanders Fields, by John McRae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

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Teddy Roosevelt


Today I’m going to write about a man named Theodore Roosevelt. He was often called Teddy Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president from America. He was only 38 when he became president. He was present from 1900 to 1908. The reason I wanted to find out more about him was that I would often see politicians, scientists and businessmen being interviewed on TV. There there always asked to was your inspiration or who was a hero that you looked up to. So many of them said Teddy Roosevelt. I had no idea who this Teddy Roosevelt was so I decided to go to the Internet and learn more about him.

When I got to the wiki PDF page I was amazed at what I read. This man truly live amazing life. When he was young his family and the doctors thought that he would die the cause he was always sick and weak. When he was about 13 years old the doctors told him that he must become a professor or a writer because to vigorous of a life would kill him. They Roosevelt took this advice and completely ignored. He started boxing and exercising he joined every sports club in college he could find. He would often take trips out to the West because he believed that it would make him a man. It would make them stronger. After college they Roosevelt decided to become a politician. Teddy Roosevelt’s family was a rich and prosperous family and they believe that politicians with the job of a politician was beneath them. They wanted him to become a businessman or lawyer. But he persisted and became a politician. He became a local politician in New York when he was only 23 years old. There he continued to climb the ladder and get higher and higher positions with more power. He was one of the police commissioners in New York and help clean it up. He was a sheriff in a Western cowboy town. And then he became the assistant secretary of the Navy. Here he put his skills to work in planning for the Spanish-American war. When the Spanish-American war broke out he decided to quit his job and volunteer to serve as a soldier in the U.S. Army. Then he went to fight in Cuba. He led a regiment and was a colonel there. Then when he got back he became the vice presidential nomination for McKinley’s presidential election. Then McKinley one and Ted Roosevelt became the vice president. After short time McKinley was killed and they Roosevelt became the youngest president of the United States.

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The Grand Canyon


Today I want to talk about a place that I’ve been in that I think everyone should go to before they die. This place is the Grand Canyon. Most of you reading this have probably heard of the Grand Canyon. It is in Western America. His somewhere that my father had always wanted to visit. Finally when he retired he asked me to join him in a trip to America. We flew to Los Angeles and there we rented an old American car. I still remember the type of car it was. It was a Chevy Camaro 1968. Really it’s a beautiful car. Then we filled up the gas tank and started driving towards Las Vegas. The Western America is really an amazing place and it has absolutely beautiful scenery. Much of it is desert so you can drive and drive without seeing any houses or buildings. We actually saw a sign that said next gas station the last gas station for 100 miles. When we saw that we decided we should stop and get some water to fill up the gas tank. We kept driving and eventually we got near the Grand Canyon. The problem was it was nighttime. Even though my father wanted to see the Grand Canyon. We had some tents and sleeping bags that we wanted to use to camp out near the Grand Canyon. So we went out there and set our tents and tried to look at the Grand Canyon. From what we could see it was beautiful but not that big of a deal. We decided go to bed and my father was a little disappointed. Then the next morning we woke up stood up and stretch her legs and before us was the most Magnificat site I’ve ever seen. Grand Canyon in all its beauty in front of us. It really is undescribable. When you watch it on TV or movies you cannot get a true understanding of how large an immense and its. Words can’t come close to describing. But to say the least my father was very happy.

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Bluegrass Music


Recently I’ve found great new type of music that I had never heard of before. Music is called bluegrass. It is originally from the southern states of America. When I first heard this music I was watching a movie titled” O brother where art thou?” The movie was good but what really surprised me was the amount of great music in it. Every scene had amazing songs and amazing music that made me very curious as to what type of music I was listening to. The music sounded very old. Almost from the time 100 years ago. I went to the Internet and looked up the wiki. Page for the movie. I found that most of the songs that I had heard on the movie were called bluegrass. Then I looked up bluegrass and Wikipedia. It said that basically bluegrass is a type of country music. Or folk music. I have heard of country but I had never heard of bluegrass. I did some more researching and then I found that before they made the movie “O Brother where Art thou?” They had also made a special documentary about the music in the movie. The movie was titled “down from the mountain”. All I found this movie and wants it and was amazed at how much great music that was. I really recommend it to anyone who loves music.


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Intro to Music


On this page you will see all of our blog post about music. Music is very important all of us helps us get through the day, it helps us relax and it gives us inspiration. We created this page to share with you some of the music and songs that we like and we think that you might enjoy as well. Of course because of copyright laws we cannot upload any actual music and less the copyright has ran out but we can give you the title of the songs, the name of the bands and a link to YouTube where you may be able to listen to the music.

Because there are so many of us doing this blog we have a very diverse and eclectic taste in music. Sometimes we will simply give you the YouTube video so you can listen to music. Sometimes we might have a short description of why we like the music. And sometimes we might have a long article about the intricacies of the music. Also our musical tastes can change so one week we might love jazz in the next week we might be moving to classical music. But that is the beauty of music. Teaches you so much and a guide you through your life. If you are to only listen to one type of music then I don’t think you would have a lot of change in your life.

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