Free English Test Online: The TOEIC Test

Today I’m going to talk about my challenges finding good materials online to help me study for the TOEIC test. And for some of you you might not remember but we wrote a little bit about the TOEIC test before. Let me give you quick summarize a nation of it. Basically the TOEIC test is English tests that many companies make their employees take. Or many companies make their prospective employees take. It measures your English ability. You can get a score from 0 to 990 points. My company that I want to Internet once me to get 850 points. This is very difficult to do. So far I have 720 points. I need to improve that in three months by about hundred and 30 points. So almost every day I go online looking for different free TOEIC materials that I can use to help me improve my score. Sometimes I find some short free quizzes. Sometimes I find some good free exercises. And sometimes I find sample test. The one thing that I have not found very often is full-length online free TOEIC tests. But a lot of sample test I have say 30 or 40 questions but no full-length tests. The full-length tests 200 questions. 100 listening questions and 100 reading questions. What’s really important to practice with real full-length test before you take the real TOEIC test. There’s so me things that you have to worry about. You have to worry about how much time you have left in the test. You have to worry about your concentration and if you can continue concentrating for two hours. So I found a lot of different quizzes and questions I could not find any full-length tests. That was until last week. I found this website called Goodwin English.com. I found it is actually a little wrong. One of my roommates told me about it. It seems that the college that we go to has some kind of agreement with the website and all of our college students get access to it for free. I did not know this. And when I found the website I found a page that offered a full-length online free TOEIC test. While I was ecstatic to find this and I quickly bookmark. Then when I was bragging to my roommates about how I found this great resource online to of them looked at each other and start laughing. I asked them what they’re laughing about and they told me that they had known about the website for the least two years. They told me that any student who goes our college it’s free access to it. You just have to go to the school library and use one of the school computers. Then you can have access to 10 full-length TOEIC tests. I admit that I felt a little stupid. His whole time I was looking for free TOEIC materials online and I could just gone to the school library and gotten his many TOEIC resources and materials for free as I wanted. But nonetheless many of the readers of our blog do not go to our college and therefore cannot get all of the lessons and quizzes that are on Goodwin English.com. So for any of you that are like me and are studying for the TOEIC test I deftly recommend that you go over to their website and check out their free test. It’s very important for you to practice with full-length test and not only short quizzes. If you like the full-length test I recommend paying $29 to get access to all of Goodwin’s materials. It’s well worth it. All that was my story about how stupid I am. Next time before start looking for something on the Internet I think when asked by roommates if we get for free first.